Thursday, 1 September 2011

Truly is Inter/National!

The day is off on a good start with fantastic weather and Sion Hill campus is filling up with many visitors by the minute!!!

The conference is abundant with selections of stalls set up by various companies and organisers who are all inviting interest and are here to help!! .... and not to forget the yummy cupcakes simply going down a treat!!! :)

The location of the stalls themselves are just inside the Sion Hill campus and can be located just up the first set of stairs. Through out the four day schedule the conference will supply a tour to the Art Fashion Museums situated in Bath and also a intense choice of lectures that can be attended to suit all ages and interests - ( Please see schedule for times). 

We have lecturers from all around the globe attending this event all who are bringing their thoughts, aims and objectives. Individual lectures are spread across the next four days!! 

It's bound to be an eye opener! and is truly Inter/National!! 

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