Thursday, 1 September 2011

30 Seconds with Debbie from Woolcake!

From right here in the Somerset hills comes (or perhaps baaa's) Woolcake, a family company producing 100% natural hand knitting wool from the fleece of happy sheep who live on the Mendip Hills- and we're lucky enough to have them here at the Trans/National conference today! We stole away a few seconds from Debbie- one of the two sisters heading up the company- to get a few basics.........

For those of us who aren't familiar with Woolcake, what are you about?

"Woolcake is an ethical company based in Somerset. We manufacture 100% natural wool through a cooperative of local families and farmers to support our British wool. Our company is a 3 year old family business run by me and my sister Julie which has since become in partnership with the British Wool Campaign which is all about keeping wool in Britain, supporting small British farms financially and bringing business to our local communities."

"Community, communication, bringing people all together."

Thanks Debbie!

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