Thursday, 1 September 2011

'Global Style' Exhibition Preview- A moment with Anna Battista

Pulled aside after the official opening of the exhibition she and Dr Jo Turney had spent months working on, we grabbed Italian fashion journalist Anna Battista for an exclusive few words.......

"I am very proud of these rare images being showcased here at Bath Spa University. Each image reflects a transnational, cross-cultural style. I hope that the looks, clothes and accessories in these photographs will inspire you in your search for your personal style."

In introducing the exhibition of 16 photographs from the Rome-based Archivio Collezione Marco Garzia (exhibited for the first time in the UK!) she explained it was covering celebrities as transnational icons of style. The images are perhaps strange because in our time we often see our style icons as perfect packages but in the vintage black ad white photographs on display Battista wanted to show famous people having cross cultural themes- such as shopping, travelling, filming and scouting for locations- all going on in a very human sense. It was also important to her to include images of men as icons are all to often only remembered as women.

Battista emphasizes "I am often asked if I feel stylish because I am Italian. The secret to style is not following any trends. Be transnational but be yourself inside."

A mantra we could all follow I think........

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